Thursday, April 16, 2009

Allergic reaction to the patches

Hi all,
Well, after 3 days of using the patches even though it was itching and rash appearing, I continued to used them for a total of 5 days..but then I had a hard breathing at time, got the cold sweats and knew I could not use that at all. On Easter day, I had to go cold turkey..I did fine till that evening. I am smoking but I have really cut down. I cried because it really was working and I knew I needed help. I had gain 2 lbs which is not to bad..right now I have decided as long as I do smoke as much as I did and keep on trying to quit I will eventually get there. It might take awhile but I am not going to quit trying. I had the depression really bad for a few days going cold turkey, I have been there and did not like going that way at all...I thank all of you that gave me praises that I needed, I gave it my best shot...They have the gum and also I was told about acupuncture..not sure about any of them. but to me my best bet is to cut down slowly till I have hardly any nicotine in my system. I also found out that I burnt my cig away a lot. I tried to do as my sis did, smoke the whole cig at one sitting and I have lit one and took a few puffs and left it to do other stuff and came back and took a couple more I know now that that few puffs was good enough for me..I still need your support..and hope I still have it. I thank you again.
I have read all but two books from Jennifer the last one in the mail yesterday... I decided not to go to Eureka Springs Arkansas to see her as I do not think my knee will take such a long drive. so that will have to be another time. I guess when I run out of her books, there is all of the Nora Roberts books that I have been buying over the I think I have about 7 or 8 to read and than I think I am going to library and check books out as I am running out of shelves to put them
To make myself feel good about myself I have been putting on my jewelry which I usually only wear when I go out the makes me feel good and also some days I will put on my nicer clothes instead of my every day that I am a few sizes smaller it just makes me all I have to do is be able to bend over my tub to get rid of the gray, haven't dyed it since Nov..but I do not feel bad about the gray, especially when one gets about 5 compliments about ones far the last one thought I had started knitting when I was 2 years old when I told him I had been knitting for 41 boy did I thank him, told him I was 60 years it makes one feel even better.
I am still using olive oil on my skin and it does wonderful and will not stop using it.. My mom gave some olive oil which is called sweet olive had the scent of the oil and old wise Hawaiian woman used on me in Hawaii. I had really bad spasms in my stomach for months when I was first there, so my girlfriend, Chermain took me to see this woman. she rubbed hot oil on my stomach for an hour or so. It did help for a few days but since I did not know what was causing the spasms it came back..I found out I was allergic to the Hawaiian beef there so I did eat beef anymore while I was there, almost 6 years..when we came back here to mainland I did not eat beef for the longest time. I eat very little beef has never been my favorite meat. I love my pork and than chicken...always have. My dh will buy a couple of good steaks and he always ends up eating both, I might have a few bites and that is it.. Anyway I am now taking cinnamon pills in the morning it is suppose to help your sugar and also something else and I
Now I am going to get some fish oil which is great for a lot of stuff.
I have finally for a bit finished all the knitted and crochet sons wanted some, Mike with black and black varigated and my son Terrance red and red vargiated and also wants another set in black and finished those today. I want a red set as I gave away both..but will pick these up again later on..I will put the photos of these I promise on the blog tomorrow, photos are taken but need to be downloaded and sized..I can do this tomorrow. thank you for reading my blog and been a faithful friend..lots of hugs, Lorraine


Marilyn said...

When I eat pork my arthritis is worse.You might want to try not eating pork for a few days to find out if it bothers you. Just a thought.Glad to hear that you are getting some relief from the olive oil.......I must try it.
I miss your posts.

LorraineS said...

Bless you heart Marilyn. Thank for the pork advice. I love pork and chicken but I haven't eaten much meat since I had my surgery..I do not seem to be interested in meat as much as I was...but if I eat meats it will be that
The Olive Oil does work and was going to send you a email but did not have it..personally. I put it on at least 3 times daily..warm it first it feels so good...How are you doing, if you still have my email, please email me so I can save your email addy. ok..I miss you..I am going to be adding a few things tonight..lots of love and hugs, Lorraine
Thank you for visiting my blog..I thought everyone forgot about means a million to me!!

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