Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Knitted and Crocheted bead edges Coasters

These are the latest ones I just finished last night. I do forget how to put the photos in the so we will go from present to I love the orange and green and yellow ones.
I am not a orange or yellow person but these are very pretty. This is an easy project that one can take every where where as a sweater or shawl is to large for me to carry around. I have made a total of 74..I have taken out some of the very first ones as I got this pattern from a beading magazine. When you crochet the beads on the outside, it turned them into a circle, the very last photos, you can see this. They are also 5 inches large, to large for me. So I have almost redone the whole design myself so they can lay flat and the coaster is smaller.
I just loved knitting these the colors were so subdue and these are their way to my mother in law and hope she likes them.

These are some of my mixed coasters, larger ones and my smaller ones. I gave most of these away already. I will make another purple for me. My youngest son wanted the red and my oldest one wanted the black. My youngest son wanted another set of black so just did them yesterday too.

These are the older ones and gone already..these are the 5 inches.

these are for sure the first


Mary said...

Hi Sissy Thanks for the coasters I just love them and love the pic of Suzie..Happy Birthday Suzie (late) lol...Love mary

LorraineS said...

Sis I am glad you love your coasters..everyone else does too..they are so simple to do but time consuming which at this point of my life it does not bother Love and hugs, Lorraine

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