Saturday, March 24, 2007

Challenged Art quilt

I finished my min quilt today, about a half hour ago, the binding, now that takes time.
I added a shovel but on the outside of the trim area. I machine quilted with metallic and invisible thread. The hat is loose on the outside to give it dimension. It took a total of 14-15 hours since the 24th after the sketch of the door was done. It was so fun. What do you all think?

I added the hat today and I feel there is something missing on the lower right side so will add a shovel or rake..than I can add the batting and back and maybe do some machine stitching..was going to give to one of two people that owe a quilt to but my dh has been admiring it so much that I will give it to him for his birthday on April 7th, a day before Easter.

This is what I did yesterday, Monday the 26th. Could not do much with dh being home, he had some test done and was a bit concerned with him being sedated..I added the border and trim.

I have added by painting my ivy vines and limbs onto my old screen door mini quilt. I will add my straw hat, spider web and finished with some borders and binding.

Here is the screen door added. Boy, I sure had a hard time trying to figure out how to get this done correctly or shall I say my way. I could have my silver metallic tulle and burn holes and such on it but that is not what I wanted to I made a template of just the inside the screen door and painted it with silver metallic ceramic paint and Terra give it the rustic look on the screen. I made the screen door larger than the shed doors as this is suppose come from an old house..and also the focus point. Now to some thread painting and fussing cutting of ivy growing all over the screen..Add some dust bunnies, a spider web and it should be OK, keep on checking up to see what it will end up looking like. What do you all think?

Found my building, right in my back yard!! I will use this for my background for the screen door. It is blurred for my purpose. This metal shed has been in my back yard for 20 years, lucky me! Just waiting for dh to remove it. one

This is a rough draft of my "Retired Old White Screen Door" I see it against an old building, a brick wall. I see more on the screen than what I have put on it. Right now I have some vines growing on it and old gardening hat, some holes. I see a spider web, which I can do in embroidery stitching. Now to execute it..I asked dh for a piece of screen, as I knew he bought some to replace a window..he brought out this plastic screen..well, that is not what I wanted..what happen to to the metal screens..I used to used metal screens to level of my pottery and ceramic he will go an old hardware store today to see if he can me a small want to paint it and put it on fabric..or I guess I could use right on the piece but that is not what I want...he asked me if I wanted some balsa wood for the frame, give me a break, lol..Men!!
Well, what do you know, dh just went and bought me an aluminium screen so now I will go and play with Now this looks more like the screen I am talking about..much a dew about nothing. lol I will take a photo of both and you will see why I wanted the "real screen". The plastic screen is thicker and I would end up with a lot of smudges, I would think whereas the regular screen it will give me the realistic look I am trying to achieve.


MargaretR said...

I think this is a great idea for your doors and windows challenge.

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Thank you Margaret. I finally found the backgroud or building to lay my screen door on..Now I execute, Lorraine

Michelle said...

Lorraine - this is gorgeous! I think it is what that shed was made for.

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Thank you Michelle, hopefully it will be done today..only work on it about half hour a day..thank you again..hugs, Lorraine

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