Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My pressed flowers/Quilt for Mom started, Dogwood

This my lilac flowers that are no more. it browned a little but now is dry and very pretty in person.
Worked on mom's dogwood quilt this morning. On the left is the fusible on the bottom and top. I used Misty Fuse this time and did not do a good job as my Wonder Wonder taken of the paper did not even stick to the fabric, I iron 3 times..anyway the photo below is parchment paper over is all and ironed. The photo on the lower left is the process all ironed on. Then photo below is I added fiber around the edges of the tulle and not sure if I like it but when I did it with invisible thread or green thread it did not look as nice as the fiber.. Now I will sandwich it and do some machine stitching around and inside the dogwood ares. I really was not in the mood for this but had to get it done before my dogwoods died on far it is holding up. the cards I made the other is not turning brown so that is good news..Tried to do my lilac but it rain and had to much moisture in them and would not work right for me and then it turn brown really I have picked more and will wait a bit before trying them. I will post my flowers later on.

These are my pressed flowers I did yesterday and today. What fun. Now I am not sure if they will turn brown, but watching the dogwoods so far so good for two days now..I hope this works as I would love to make a larger quilt for my mom, Joycelyn, not misspelled. She just loves dogwood. We grew one in our backyard for her and named it after her..we have to go get her to show her the blooms. We almost cut it down last year as it did not bloom for 4 years. We did not and one day looked outside and there it was in full bloom, I was so excited..and the day we took photos of my shed, found them in full bloom again. Yesterday I cut some clippings of the dogwood and made mom a card. Me a book marker and card..the other one is for a swap in my pc group. Now those were drying in a phone book and when I found out about fusible and tulle, I went outside and pick my Narcissus, some azaleas, and those purple grown cover..but I ruin them all as I used wonder under with the paper back and it all got stuck and they all pulled no more Narcissus as I have only one bloom left. So what I did is used the ones drying in my phone book. Came out really pretty. We will do again in few months when more flowers are in bloom. I am hoping this is a way to keep track of what I am growing in my front yard..Now I can not wait for my roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dutch irises, lilies are in bloom..some will be later but I will try them. The holes you see on my book marker is I tried to add some foo foos and it did not look good so took them off, glad it is mine. lol

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