Sunday, March 18, 2007


I have added links but they did not go where I wanted them to. I tried moving them on the Dashboard but when I preview them they are still under the blogs info and photos that I have added.
I am trying to put all my older stuff in here as I will start taking photos for my girls to come here to see the photo and learn some of the things that I do. This way they can see know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"..or something like that, I am always getting them wrong, lol..
I do need to correct a piece of my dyeing photos, one with the woman's face is not my design but Marjie's, in the class she gave me permission to do this..also another piece but have not finished it...she did a piece with her friends where I am doing it with my sisters and day it will be done..the waxed is on there and like Marjie says it will last for a long you haven't taken a dyeing class from Marjie boy are missing out on one of the most knowledgeable teacher and most fun.. you can hear her laugh through her classes..see you in April,Marjie.

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