Friday, March 16, 2007

New Group formed

Had trouble getting in again. Will I ever learn this blogging?
Yesterday I had to make a very hard decision and I did..
I am closing my group PinPalsPostCard...for two reasons..I will mention only one for now. I have had this group on moderation since the end of January due to a very nasty letter that came from this group..I did not know this at the time when reading it, thought it was one of those that gets through the spam..when I was washing dished I remember something about this email at the end of the email it said I had a great or wonderful group, can not remember but on that I came to the computer so I could get the email but had deleted it..of course is could have been a different not know..It is hard to not knowing when you approve someone to your group what they will do One reason for this is I was tired of moderating the group. But....
I have formed a new group
I have set some guidelines that has to be met or people are not accepted.
Today has turned out pretty good on the new group and others in the old group will just have to finish up their swaps before April 30th. I now won't accept anyone requesting to be in my newer group unless they sign in with a first and last name. I will not put this group under moderation.
Now on to putting up more photos of my quilts of the classes I have taken in QU.

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